Friendly informative content, For your children.

The Swindler Corona

An awareness story about the Corona virus directed to children to inform them about the virus and how to act properly to protect ourselves in the best possible way.

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The Internet Monster

An educational story for children to raise awareness about false news and rumors and the danger of spreading them without confirming their source.

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The Beautiful Diversity

An awareness story about personal differences and their importance in society And how to deal with any our difference in a useful way .

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Don't Touch

An awareness story about private parts to introduce children about them and their privacy in an easy and simple way .

Read online The Private parts song
I have a lot of interest in children's content and compared to others, Munshi is the most special because of the topics you are talking about.
Reem Al Fuqaha - nursery teacher
You have a great ideas and a lot of courage to speak about the important topics .
Fatima Abu Al-Nyan - Project Assistant
know I have the right tools and content to speak with the kids about covid19 and about their private parts, I really in love with your content.
Raghad Hassan - A Psychologist