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She afterwards will get the third person in the service Bar

She afterwards will get the third person in the service Bar

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Yui Yuigahama ( ???? ?? , Yuigahama Yui) is a student from inside the Classification 2F from Sobu Senior high school and you can the initial authoritative consumer of the Services Pub.

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Yui’s looks differs from publication so you can book. When first delivered, she is explained getting loose, neck duration chestnut-brown hair that would swing when she stepped. She is plus stated to not ever follow the dress password, wear this lady skirt short, the big around three buttons from the lady shirt undone, and you can a middle attraction to your a glowing necklace.

About anime, Yui enjoys reasonable surface, light orange tresses that is almost always seen which have a free top bun, and you may peach-red-colored eyes. This woman is mainly seen using the quality college consistent: a black blazer with a white collared top underneath, a purple bow link, and you will plaid dress. She wears this lady tie reduce, both omits the brand new link and you can blazer, features the top keys off the girl top undone. She together with wears black knee-high clothes.

During the fireworks event, she wears a pale-pink yukata having a rose development and you can fastened which have a large dark-red sash and additionally wooden geta shoes.


Yui was a cheerful and outbound woman. Even in the event she actually is unfortunate otherwise troubled, she’s got a smile for her face. She has mentioned that she usually really wants to easily fit into, and this disagreeing that have family members will bring this lady stress. Hachiman initial describes the woman while the typical good looking, foolish, prominent types of, it is later shown to be completely wrong. While she will be naive, she actually is total wise, and her personal feel try the woman strongest part.

This lady has a casual thinking in order to generally individuals doing the woman and you will constantly works out befriending them. The woman is not absolutely all turned off because of the those who deny their kindness such as for example Hachiman Hikigaya and you will Yukino Yukinoshita, despite each other criticized her. She’s nicknamed both, “Hikki” and you may “Yukinon” respectively, and that one another dislike initially but at some point accept given that normal. She’s nicknames for almost folk and even asks for anybody giving their her own nickname through the this lady party.

She’s a professional at discovering the feeling and modifying by herself so you’re able to it. As a result of this, she usually covers this lady correct viewpoint and you can claims just what anybody else wanted to hear with the intention that what to wade efficiently. Yui’s extremely responsive to new government of your own category. She’s referred to as “glue” away from Hayato’s clique, as the this woman is always usually the one providing the opportunity and you will friendliness. She dislikes are an interruption.

She admires both Yukino and you will Hachiman if you are dull as well as their desire to talk about the feedback regardless of what harsh they may getting. Yui has stated their honesty, upright forwardness, and you can versatility will be grounds she entered the service Club. Immediately following this lady experience in the service Pub, she were able to speak the woman attention a little more, demonstrating how much she arranged socially.

On account of Yui’s character and appearance, she becomes strike to your of the male college student population, but gets out by using Yumiko while the a getaway channel. Even when Yui is actually cute and you can personal, she’s said that have zero date because so many people accept that they cannot Herpes dating review land a night out together together with her, deciding to surrender as stated by the Tobe.

She will getting really determined when she kits the girl attention to some thing, shown when she chooses to manage getting student council, plus when she forces the latest occurrences of Regularity 11 to happen.

In her information guidance survey, Yui authored she desires to get along with folks and you can need to-be household members having someone even with graduating.


Yui’s public feel are excellent, however, the woman is including an effective, yet not eg a fantastic, into the educational, rational, and you may sports projects. Most other characters always comment on the lady societal intelligence and you can feeling. She is excessively competent in the deducing brand new moods out-of anybody else and you can is able to create others comfortable by just getting indeed there. Although some they say she’s stupid, Yui reminds individuals who she introduced this new high instructional conditions to enter into Sobu.